• We recommend that anyone hosting or co-hosting the course creates an account and completes our ‘Introduction to Difference’ training module. However, you can run the course with a co-host who hasn’t been trained provided you have completed this module yourself.  

  • If you’d like to run more than one course, you can create new courses at any time by clicking ‘Create a course’. This allows you to access the right resources for the type of course you’re running and helps us know that people are running the course multiple times.

  • Once you’ve completed the ‘Introduction to Difference’ module (or the matching content in other modules) you’ll be able to click on ‘Create a course’ at the bottom-left of the Training and Resources Hub. You’ll then be asked to provide a few details about the type of course you’re hoping to run (expected group size, online or in-person etc.) so that we can give you easy access to the correct resources. You can edit these details at any point. Once these details have been provided, your course will be displayed on your ‘Dashboard’. You can click into your course for all of the resources you need. 

  • Once you’ve created a training account you can preview the resources for Session 2 – Crossing Divides. You can access all of the course resources once you’ve completed the ‘Introduction to Difference’ training module and created a course.

  • You can revisit any part of the training at any time to refresh your memory or prepare for specific parts of the course.  

  • Once you’ve watched a training film or read an article, click ‘mark as complete’ at the bottom of the page. This will automatically move you to the next section of training content, but you can leave and re-enter training at any point and your progress will be saved.

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