Make your faith count in a complex and divided world

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Difference is a five-session course for you to run exploring following Jesus in a conflicted world.

Discover the power of faith in a conflicted world

We live in a messy world full of division – from the level of global conflict right down to our own relationships. Difference equips you to cross divides, navigate disagreement and pursue a just and flourishing world.

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“Reconciliation is not the ending of all difference, but the transformation of how we deal with difference.”
Archbishop Justin Welby
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Video: Find out how and why the Difference course began

Archbishop Justin Welby has brought together leading thinkers and peacemakers to help us think through the divisions we see in society, and equip us to live well together.

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Difference is a series of five interactive sessions for you and your group. Learn more.

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The Difference course can be run with both small and large, online and in-person groups. Invite others to join your Difference course.

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