Difference for Youth Groups

In a world that is messy, hurting and divided, Difference is a free, seven-session resource that equips young people with skills to cross divides, navigate disagreement, practise forgiveness and pursue a just and flourishing world as they seek to follow Jesus.

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The Sessions

These resources have been developed in collaboration with youth work experts and educators and piloted with youth groups across different communities and church denominations. Church youth groups can tailor Difference to their contexts and the specific needs of young people. Difference for Youth Groups has seven sessions. Difference for Youth Groups has seven sessions:
  • Conflict is part of home, community and school life, and it can be hard to navigate. We might fear to say the wrong thing or not know how to handle difference. This session introduces you to the three formational habits central to Difference - Be Curious, Be Present and Reimagine.
    This session includes
    • Reflecting on where we see division and broken relationships in the world today.
    • • Introducing three reconciling habits that helps us build good relationships with. others and respond to difficult situations.
    • • Building a healthy group culture.
  • The call to be a peacemaker isn’t about ‘keeping the peace’ and avoiding conflict, but about getting involved in a messy, conflicted world – joining in with what God is doing. This session explores God’s invitation to us to be peacemakers in the world.
    This session includes
    • Film on the theme of becoming a peacemaker.
    • Exploring God’s invitation to be peacemakers in a divided world.
    • Being curious about how we can be part of God’s story of peace and reconciliation.
  • It is easy to distrust and feel wary of those who are different from us. We can find ourselves in echo chambers, drawn to people who agree with us and avoiding those who are different. This can create dividing walls between us.
    This session includes
    • Film on the theme of crossing divides.
    • Discovering the assumptions or prejudices we have about others.
    • Exploring how we can engage better with people who are different from us.
    • Practise being curious by asking questions and taking an interest in others.
  • Each of us has a voice worth listening to, even if we disagree with each other. We all want to be heard, respected and not judged. Doing this for people we disagree with helps us to strengthen our relationship with them.
    This session includes
    • Film on the theme of navigating disagreement.
    • Exploring how to disagree well in a culture where this is hard to do.
    • Discovering how to listen well and find our own voice.
    • Practising being present by developing empathy for those we disagree with and building confidence to share our own perspective.
  • Justice is an important part of building a world where everyone can flourish. While we might not always cause injustice, we have the power to respond in ways that reinforce or challenge those injustices.
    This session includes
    • Film about the themes of pursing justice.
    • Recognising the existence of injustice.
    • Exploring how to respond to situations of injustice.
    • Practising reimagining by discovering the power of coming together to pursue a just and flourishing world
  • God is kind and compassionate and forgives us – we are invited to respond by forgiving others. Forgiving does not mean pretending nothing has happened – it is good to recognise a hurt has been done to us.
    This session includes
    • Film on the theme of forgiveness.
    • Exploring forgiveness – what it is and what it is not.
    • Recognising the complexity of forgiveness.
    • Practising reimagining by seeing how our relationships can be transformed by forgiveness.
  • We are each unique, with a contribution to offer that only we can make. When we experience differences, disagreements or divides in friendships, it can feel like hard work. But other people are actually a gift – we and the world would be poorer without them.
    This session includes
    • Film on the theme of belonging together.
    • Recognising the value of each one of us and the unique contribution we have to make.
    • Exploring how we’re connected to each other.
    • Practising reimaging by celebrating the ways our uniqueness and differences can enrich one another.

The sessions include

Reflection time
Interactive exercises
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Video: Find out more about Difference for Secondary Schools

Equipping you to run the course

Additional training is required to run Difference with young people in church youth groups. Once completed, you will be given access to the materials in the resources hub on the website. Training is completely free and will be held virtually on Zoom. Register below for one of our training sessions.

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Difference offers three formational habits that can transform everyday relationships. These habits draw on the wisdom of expert peacemakers and Jesus’ encounters in the Gospels.

Be Curious - Wonder Why

Listen to others’ stories and see the world through their eyes. (Genesis 1:26-27)

In Genesis 1 we read that every person is made in the image of God, with value and a unique story of deep worth. When we are curious enough to seek out that story, we affirm that person’s innate value. Demonstrating a true interest in who the other person is and how they have experienced the world can make it possible to begin to tread trickier territory together, because the other person knows they have been heard and honoured.

Be Present - Be Real

Encounter others with authenticity and confidence. (Matthew 25:31-46)

Our encounters are often the places we first notice complexity, division and difference, and they are the focus of so many of Jesus’ teachings. Being present in encounters means showing up and sticking around – making time for the other, dedicating our attention to them and encountering them as they are with honesty.

Reimagine - Hope Together

Finding hope and opportunity in the places where we long to see change. (2 Corinthians 5:16:21)

Our worlds are shaped by our imagination. When divisions and conflict seem intractable and we face repeated disappointment, it can be hard to find hope or to imagine an alternative where healing, restoration and thriving relationships are possible. The habit of reimagining encourages us to be renewed by the Holy Spirit and for God to stretch our understanding of what is possible.

Course resources

All the resources including the films, slides, host guides and the Difference Book for young people are free to download once you’ve been trained.

You can learn more about Difference for Youth Groups by downloading this overview.

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I saw a greater awareness of the brokenness and a realisation that there are pathways back with hope.
Course Host, Grenada
It has been phenomenal, literally transformative in men’s hearts and lives.
Prison Chaplain, UK
Difference ticks so many boxes of what we’re looking for in this time.
Church Leader, Hong Kong

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