5 Reasons To Run Difference

We live in a world full of division, from the level of global conflict right down to our own relationships. We live with the everyday realities of hope and pain, celebration and lament, peace and conflict. Difference is a course designed to help you navigate these realities, inspiring your…


Faith in a Conflicted World

We live in a complicated and messy world where there is fracture, division and conflict. We see it when we look around us – and when we look within us. Many of us long to make a difference, but often we don’t know how to respond or where to start.


Wilderness: risking hope in the wild places

Wilderness: Enemies and empathy

Wilderness: Navigating disagreement

Wilderness: The ongoing grief of disagreement

Wilderness: Lent 2023

Reimagining Resolutions

Advent 2022: Waiting with intent

Advent 2022: Reconciled in Him

Advent 2022: Getting our hands dirty

No Justice, No Peace

The Power of Lament