Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently, we don’t run the course centrally, we only provide training for those who want to run the Difference course with their own group. If you want to take part in the Difference course as a participant, please get in touch with us and we will try and connect you with a suitable group:

  • There is no expectation to be an expert reconciler or theological scholar! The course is designed to be accessible and your host will guide you through each session in depth, and there will be plenty of opportunities for discussion throughout, to ask any questions and learn from insights that your peers may have.

  • Each session of the course involves video stories from Christians facing conflict, Bible passages where Jesus deals with difference and division, interactive exercises, discussion and prayer. We realise that conflict and relationships can be sensitive topics for many reasons. We hope that the course will provide a supportive environment to explore how our faith can make a difference in these areas of our lives. However, the course is not an appropriate environment for addressing trauma for which you have not received professional support.

  • RLN stands for the Reconciling Leaders Network. We believe the fracture and division we see in our world cries out for people committed to reconciliation, whose actions and words show that a new, better way is possible: we need reconciling leaders. This is a call to every one of us, whether we think of ourselves as ‘leaders’ or not. We also believe that there is power in interconnection and that, together, we are so much more than the sum of our parts.

  • Yes! Difference has been run in many church denominations, including Anglican, Catholic and Pentecostal. The content is distinctively Christian, but we welcome participants of all faiths and none to take part.

  • At least one of the hosts of your group needs to have completed the ‘Introduction to Difference’ training module in the Training and Resources Hub in order to set up a course and access all of the resources you need.

    The training unpacks what Difference is all about and also covers the key skills, practices and responsibilities of course hosts. Whether you have years of experience of reconciliation or none at all, it is important to spend time engaging with the specific material of this course.

  • We call those who lead the course ‘hosts’. If you would like to host a group, please create an account on our Training and Resources Hub and complete the ‘Introduction to Difference’ training module.

    This training will give you all you need to prepare and run each session. If you’re not the leader of your church, be sure to have a conversation with them about the course. Their support and wisdom will help ensure the course has a lasting positive impact on your church community.

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